A How To Guide to Volunteering Overseas

This is where you can read my “How To” series that I have written for Reach To Teach Recruiting. In this series, will include information to help you choose a volunteer program, how to prepare and what to expect when you get there.

The first one is a general introduction for anyone thinking about volunteering somewhere but is not sure where to start. I’ve been volunteering abroad for a number of years now and I’ve complied a list of questions you should be asking yourself before you go away to volunteer. You’ll find my questions and answers on the Reach To Teach Volunteer Abroad section.”

“A How To Guide to Volunteering in Vietnam”.

This “how to” guide is more specifically related to Vietnam where I spent three months last year volunteering with a number of different projects. I have listed some fantastic organisations you can get involved with, as well as some tips and advice on life in Vietnam, and how to get started here.

“A How To Guide to Volunteering in Cambodia”. 

My third “how to” guide for Reach To Teach focuses on Cambodia, where I have volunteered twice in the past. I have included advice for before you leave and when you arrive and also some links to helpful websites to get you started.

“A How To Guide to Volunteering in Thailand”.

In my fourth “how to”, I look at volunteering in one of my favourite places in the world, Thailand. Thailand was the first place I volunteered abroad and the place where I became more interested in travel, international development and volunteering. I have been back many times and I know I will go again!

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