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I have always been interested in volunteering, charity and development work. I have taken part in projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Australia. In Taipei, I regularly volunteered with Harmony Home, a centre for women and children who have or whose lives have been affected by HIV. I also helped out at Animals Taiwan and TSPCA whenever I could and loved being involved with their annual fundraisers and events.

I am passionate about international development, and the role that volunteers play. I hope to learn how to maximise the efforts of foreign volunteers, as well as honing my fundraising skills here and to share my experiences with you!

After spending 4 years teaching English and volunteering in Taiwan and Vietnam, I have decided to move back to the UK to pursue a more permanent job in the charity sector. I also plan to expand this blog and make it a good solid reference for those wanting to get into volunteering. My focus will still mainly be overseas volunteering but I also plan to volunteer in London and share information for that here too. Please feel free to comment on my posts, or alternatively, contact me on leannemcnulty7@gmail.com.

Your input is valued and important!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I am planning a trip to Vietnam in 2014 and want to do something for the community. I am planning to spend 2-3 months there and I started researching Volunteering etc. I came across the Allambie Story and I feel this is a worthwhile organisation and one that could do with some help. I am a photographer and looking to document my trip (not just Allambie) and I wanted to get in touch with them, but their website seems to be closed down. None of the documents can be downloaded (volunteers, donations etc) and there is only an email address. Do you think you could contact me at mark@mydigitalphotography.com.au so that I can get a bit more information?


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  3. Hi, Leanne! 🙂

    I don’t know if you’re still checking on this blog, but I had to try! I’m trying to find a (real) ONG or charity in Vietnam (HCMC more especifically), but all I can see are those “volunteering holidays” in which they resquest super high prices for “volunteering” with them. I was wondering if you may know any real non-profit organizations there, because the quest has turned truly exasperaiting!

    Thanks beforehand!
    Best regards,

    • Hi Ada,
      All of the charities I have mentioned in my blog are examples of things being done right. There are links to their websites where you can read about their work and contact them.
      Good luck!

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