Other Ways to Help: Alternatives to Volunteering


Use your Smartphone for Good: Mobile Apps for Social Good

What if you could use your smartphone for more that just Instagramming your lunch and checking Facebook every hour on in the hour?

I recently came across a great article which lists 10 mobile apps you can download, for free, and use while taking photos or even exercising!

My personal favourites from this list are Charity miles where you can get donations as you run or ride your bike and Feedie, an iOS app that donates food to schoolchildren in South Africa when you post a food pic at participating restaurants.



A Donation in Kind

There are lots of ways to get involved helping your local NGO’s and charities, EVEN if you are pressed for time and money.

  • Donate Blood; Donations don’t always have to be cash. Hospitals are always looking for healthy adults to donate blood, and plasma. www.donateblood.com.au has lots of useful information but you can easily find out about your local blood donation points with a quick Google search.
  • Donations in kind; Most cities and towns have drop off points for unwanted clothes, blankets etc. You can also look at an organisations website to see what their specific needs are. For example Harmony Home Taiwan have a list on their website of things they always need which you can drop off at their centres or at their office in the city.
  • Adopt Don’t Shop; there are thousands of pets abandoned and abused every day and many will be put down if they don’t find a home. Watch this video, the BEST adoption video ever which says everything so much better than I ever could! It was shot in Taiwan and advertises Animals Taiwan, a dog shelter who I have supported for a number of years.

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