The latest goings-on at The Little Rose Shelter

Busy, busy week at the Little Rose Shelter;

Fundraising meetings, an open day to prepare for, new volunteers, website updates, and a really nice dinner all together. Staff, kids and volunteers.

On Tuesday evening we had dinner with the girls, and ice-cream! It was a really fun evening.


stew, cooked by the girls. It was really, really delicious! And lots of yummy tiger prawns and french bread!

IMG_5239 IMG_5240I

I ate the ice-cream way too fast to take a picture!

Fundraising Update.

Ole has been working tirelessly on fundraising and had some very successful meetings this week!

We received a donation of $1000 from a very generous Japanese businessman.

Megan and I have been working on a crowdfunding page and will hopefully be able to get it up and running within the next week.

Paypal buttons have been installed to the WordPress and Facebook pages to make it easier for our supporters to donate.

The centre is hosting an information day on Tuesday for prospective donors, and anyone who is interested in learning more about Little Rose to come and see the great work they do. There will be some short documentaries, a demo lesson with the social and emotional learning program and a chance to talk to staff and volunteers about the centre.

Little Rose Update

This week we are………..Making phone calls!!! Slowly getting through the long list of business. No donations YET but there are some companies interested in setting up internships 😀


In other news, one of the cats at the shelter had two super cute kittens!


What’s New at The Little Rose Shelter?


The Little Rose Shelter actually belongs to a partnership called The Shelter Collection. It consists of two shelters here in Saigon; The Little Rose Warm Shelter (for girls who have been victims of abuse) and The Green Bamboo Warm Shelter (a similar set up for young boys who have been street children).

Currently, there is enough money for the next 15 months, but after that, the current funds from the Danish Vietnamese Association (DVA), will have run out. So, it is time to find new donors! Mr Ole Riis, of The Shelter Collection is here in Vietnam to do just that and I am helping as much as I can.

Tomorrow we will start the first phase of our fundraising initiative. We will be making phone calls to Danish businesses in Vietnam to first verify details and make sure we have the correct person of contact and we will also give a brief run down on The Shelter Collection and ask if it would then be ok to send some information in the mail. This is a great way to break the ice and introduce ourselves, especially on a Friday when everyone is in a good mood! Once we have contacted all of the Danish contacts on the list, we will begin on the other companies. The first step is to establish a good rapport with the right people, and to send them some basic information. After that, we will speak with the interested parties, hopefully at one event, and give a more detailed presentation.

The new leaflets are being printed at the moment and look great. If you’d like to have a look, I have included the link below.


The next thing we need to do is organise some kind of fundraising event which I am excited to get started on once we have mailed all the leaflets. This will most likely be aimed at expats here and will happen some time in November. We are brainstorming at the moment and I have hopefully found a few venues interested in helping out.

Watch this space……:D

Just a few pics of my gorgeous Friday class!!

As some of you are probably aware, I have had a few mishaps recently in Saigon. The latest being snatch an grab after my run in the park last night, so I’m feeling a little down. This is a nice reminder of why I am here and why I love what I do!


Last Friday we talked about what you would like to be when you grow up. The kids got really into it, though I think much of their amusement was down to my lack of artistic talents. One cutie told me he wanted to be a football player and play for Manchester United. There were a few who wanted to be doctor, dancers and dentists! These kids are from disadvantaged areas, and have some learning and behavioural problems but I hope that they can continue to dream big as they grow up and I’m working hard to instil a good attitude and work ethic where education is concerned.

IMG_4682 IMG_4683

My First Week in Saigon


It has certainly been an interesting week! Saigon is a sensory overload! The sights and smells, the noises, the sheer volume of people, cars and scooters. It was a little crazy at first, but I now that I know my way around at least one area it is a lot less scary. I’ve always been a big fan of Vietnamese food, my favourite restaurant in Taipei is Pho Hoa so I was very excited to try the local cuisine. And I have not been disappointed, I even tried snails! They were delicious, and go very well with beer! I have had some really good Vietnamese sandwiches, or Ban Mi, vegetarian Pho and some great spring rolls.

So, back to volunteering. My original plan was to ride around the city and try to find places. This, in hindsight, was a terrible idea. The city is HUGE, the traffic is treacherous, its rainy season and I had only one address that I actually knew! So, I did what I do best and went on a Facebook/Wordpress binge. I joined Saigon groups, liked pages, sent messages, collected phone numbers and followed blogs. On Thursday night, I went for some beers with a friend of a friend (who lives here) who gave me some more websites to look at and let me know about a fundraising event with happens every month. Now, I’m making some headway. I also found an event to volunteer at next week where I am hoping to meet a lot more volunteers and find out about placement opportunities.

Yesterday was a tough day. I absolutely went for it on my night out and I paid dearly, with a raging hangover and an empty wallet. I had no idea Saigon had so many clubs, and I attempted to go to all of them :0. More about that in another post ! 🙂

But, I pulled myself together late afternoon and went to meet a girl I’d been put in touch with who used to do lots of volunteering here in Saigon. And, as luck would have it, while I was on my way home, I got an e-mail from another group. So I am feeling good, things are beginning to fall into place.

Today, I went to meet the people at Little Rose House, and they have asked me to teach come of the staff English and also to help them with fundraising. I am very excited to help out and have already started researching the ways I can help them generate more funds. You can help me a little, by looking at the “Blogs I Follow” and clicking on The Little Rose Shelter. Please follow their blog, as well as mine!

I have a possible English class with another group, on Friday morning with a group of first graders and on Sunday I am going to a fundraiser where I hope to meet some like minded people and really get some hard work done!!

Fresh spring rolls with shrimp. I LOVE coriander and there is plenty with every meal in Vietnam, yum!

Fresh spring rolls with shrimp. I LOVE coriander and there is plenty with every meal in Vietnam, yum!

Fast becoming one of my favourite things to eat here. Served with chili oil and lemongrass.

Fast becoming one of my favourite things to eat here. Served with chili oil and lemongrass.